The Asian Media Centre is an Australian first to bring together members of the Asian media and business leaders in the Asia Pacific Region.

The Centre, located at the Australian Technology Park, was officially opened by The Hon Henry Tsang, Chairman of East Asia Business Council of NSW, Prof. Ken McKinnon, Chairman, Australian Press Council and Dr Mark Bradley, CEO of ATPI in 2000.

The Asian Media Centre is an award-winning media and production company, producing high-end content for Film, TV, DVD, Web and Print. Our focus is on developing high-quality, unique and creative media content, that engages its audience.

The Centre holds media conferences, background briefings, seminars and workshops, exhibitions, specific media programmes and media tours. The Centre also provides information and assistance for local and visiting journalists from Asian countries.

The Centre provides a full range of professional services to international media and companies. This includes Asia press service, media events, translation, multi-media production and services to media organisations visiting Australia.

The language services provided by the Asian Media Centre include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese and Indonesian.

The Centre is also a production agency for Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). The multiple language programs available through SBS Television, Radio and Online ensure that all Australians, including the estimated three million Australians who speak a language other than English in their homes, are able to share in the experiences of others.

About Dragon Footprints documentary series: 

The award winning documentary series “Dragon Footprints” will treat audiences around the globe with stories of remarkable Australians.

From the racial antagonism of the early gold rush days and beyond the years of the White Australia Policy, Chinese-Australians have made great contributions to multicultural Australia. Their inspiring stories reflect one of Australia’s most significant and illustrious migrant groups.

The “Dragon Footprints” series has won the 2015 Premier’s Multicultural Media Award as the best community TV report of the year. The series will be shown globally in 2016 through cross-media platforms including ABC Australia Network, Foxtel, Asia Pacific Insight, SBS online, as well as on YouTube and Weibo.

In addition, a new documentary on Jackie Chan, titled “Dragon Footprints”, has won the Best Documentary Award for charity mission at the 7th International Chinese Film Festival (ICFF) in Sydney.

– Proudly presented by Asian Media Centre.

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